Why Choose Rigid Aluminum Conduit?


  • Mechanical & Flame Protection
  • Safety for personnel
  • Easy Pull, Smooth, Snag-Free pathway for cables
  • Pull-boxes to enable straight pulls
  • Easy means for replacing conductors or pulling in additional ones

Elements of Design:

  • Adequate strength in relation to size for self-support over reasonable lengths
  • Capability of being cut and threaded readily and bent smoothly with normal field methods and tools
  • Provision and maintenance of good electrical conductance through the conduit proper and across all threaded joints

The Rigid Aluminum Conduit Advantage:

Replaces Rigid Steel in Virtually All Locations

Costs Comparison


  • Labor Savings of 35-75% Versus Rigid Steel
  • Cost Per Foot Savings of 10-20% versus Rigid Steel

Weight Comparison


  • 1/3 the Weight of Rigid Steel Conduit
  • Reduced On The Job Injuries


  • Easy Field Fabrication
  • Less Chance of a Workers Compensation Injury
  • Highest Strength to Weight Ratio of Any Metal


  • Non-Sparking
  • Meets All National Electrical Codes – Article 500
  • Inherent EMI Shielding
  • Improved Thermal and Electrical Conductivity
  • Non-Magnetic Protection for Sensitive Environments


  • Corrosion Resistant Oxide Film
  • No Rust or Unsightly Discoloration or Streaking
  • No Toxic Fumes & Non-Combustible
  • Maintains its Physical Properties Even After Extended Outdoor Exposure

Reduced Installation Cost • Enhanced Performance • Improved Safety • Superior Durability