Conduit End Shot

American Conduit is a product brand of Hydro, the Largest Aluminum Extruder in the world. Hydro Extrusion North America includes 23 Plant Locations, 10 Paint Lines and 4 Anodizing Lines. The company produces over 550 million pounds of extrusions per year.

Our Product

American Conduit is produced at Hydro’s extrusion facility in St. Augustine, Florida. American Conduit is a leading producer of rigid aluminum conduit and aluminum EMT, with over 35 years experience. American Conduit offers coast to coast distribution through a network of more than 20 stocking warehouses and 33 representatives nationwide.

Advantages of Aluminum

Aluminum is lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant. Aluminum alloys can exhibit the same strength as many structural steels, but at a third of the weight. Unlike other metals, aluminum will never rust. The unique properties of aluminum make it the ideal choice for construction applications. Aluminum is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. It is one of the most plentiful elements on earth. The demand and usage of aluminum will continue to rise as reduced energy consumption becomes increasingly more vital to our environment. Choosing aluminum is a choice for the environment.


Every American Conduit product is produced to exacting standards to ensure a long-lasting, maintenance free product. Safety, ease of installation, and attractive appearance are just a few of the advantages provided by aluminum rigid conduit and aluminum EMT.


Hydro is a nationwide aluminum extruder and custom fabricator. From our facility in St. Augustine, FL, we offer American Conduit aluminum conduit and EMT as a cost-saving alternative to other conduit materials. At any given time, nearly 1 million pounds of conduit material are in stock and ready to ship from our stocking warehouses. Our mission is to support our customers’ success by creating exceptional value through innovative product and service solutions.


Aluminum rigid conduit and aluminum EMT is considerably easier to install than their steel counterparts. At one-third the weight of steel, aluminum offers easy transportation and installation on the site. Installation is simpler and safer for crews due to the lighter weight of the material.

Our Mission

We live our values and measure our success by the success of our customers, communities and people. We support our customer’s success by creating exceptional value through innovative aluminum products and service solutions.