American Conduit rigid aluminum electrical metallic tubing (EMT) uses a 6005 alloy, 98.5% pure aluminum.

Specification Compliance:

  • Underwriters’ Laboratories UL 797
  • ANSI C80 3

American Conduit rigid aluminum conduit is shipped with color coded bundle tape to simplify size selection.

For more information about composition, sizes, and weight, please contact us at 1-800-334-6825.

Recommended Installation Practices:

Cutting: Cut the EMT square using a hacksaw or band saw. Do not use roll-type, tubing cutters. Take special care not to flare the ends when reaming the inside of EMT.

Bending: Conventional EMT bending equipment (hand, ratchet, power) may be used for Aluminum EMT.

Fittings: Zinc die-cast fittings are recommended, but standard EMT fittings are satisfactory for most installations.

Fishing and Wire Pulling: Polyethylene fish tapes and polypropylene rope are recommended. Use of flat steel tapes should be avoided.

Soil or Concrete Installation: Underwriters’ Laboratories Electrical Construction Equipment Directory (UL Green Book) states that aluminum conduit used in concrete or in contact with soil requires supplemental corrosion protection. Examples are paints and tape wraps approved for the purpose, or PVC coated aluminum conduit.