Does Rigid Aluminum Conduit Meet the Same Code Requirements As Rigid Steel Conduit?

Can I Use Galvanized Fittings With Rigid Aluminum Conduit?

  • YES- NEC 344.10(A) Allows the Use of Either Aluminum or Galvanized Fittings

Will Cutting & Threading Aluminum Be Harder Than Steel?

  • NO– Use Your Standard Cutting Tools & Dies and You’ll Get Fast, Easy Cuts & Threads

Any Differences for Bending Aluminum Conduit?

  • NO– Use Your Standard Equipment, but It Will Be Much Easier
  • You Can Even Use an EMT Bender on Sizes <1”

Is It Harder to Pull Cables Through Aluminum Conduit?

  • NO- Independent Tests Show That Aluminum & Steel Are Comparable, Details Are Available.

Why Is Rigid Aluminum Conduit Less Expensive Than Steel?

  • The Combination of Extrusion Technology and the Weight of the Material:
  • Aluminum Extrusion Is Much More Productive Than the Steel Counterpart.
  • Since Aluminum Weighs 1/3 As Much As Steel, You Can Cover 3 Times the Distance With the Same Amount of Weight. 1 Pound of Aluminum = 3 Pounds of Steel

Are There Any Applications Where You Would Not Want to Use Aluminum?

  • YES– When Buried in Concrete or Soil, We Recommend Using PVC Coated Rigid Aluminum Conduit.
  • Certain Chlorine-based Chemicals May Reduce the Life of Steel or Aluminum Conduit, in These Applications We Recommend Using PVC Coated Rigid Aluminum Conduit.