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Advantages of Aluminum Conduit

 Cost Savings

 As part of this study, the costs for purchasing and installing various types, sizes and materials of conduit were collected and compared.  The IBIS investigators gathered data from conduit manufacturers, suppliers, equipment representatives, distributors, engineers and contractors, as well as government agencies, trade groups and publications.

 Their results show that rigid aluminum conduit consistently ranked among the most cost-effective materials in terms of raw material and total installation costs, especially when compared to rigid steel conduit, as demonstrated in Figure 1.

 Figure 1: Conduit & Install Total Cost per 100’


Rigid Steel

IMC Steel

Rigid Aluminum


PVC Coated Steel

PVC Coated Aluminum


PVC Schedule 40

PVC Schedule 80









































































































In a sense, the increase in savings seems to parallel the increase in size of the diameter tube being used, with cost advantages more apparent on larger projects and for conduit with larger diameters, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2:  Cost Comparison by Conduit Diameter

installed costs

The IBIS study points out there can be some confusion, in that all these products are rigid as opposed to flexible; when the industry speaks of “Rigid,” it is usually referring to the thickest category of GRC and Aluminum, providing the greatest level of protection for wiring and cable.  Within these specific projects, the use of rigid aluminum conduit is referred to as UL6 and UL6-A.

 Additionally, as part of the study, equipment representatives and distributors were interviewed and questioned about the conduit sales by size for four projects that were conducted where rigid aluminum conduit was used in place of GRC.  These projects were analyzed by comparing the costs of conduit purchase, installation, combined purchase and installation, and the amount saved by aluminum usage.  Not only do material costs weigh heavily in rigid aluminum conduit’s favor, but due to its light weight, rigid aluminum conduit is easier to transport and also faster to install, representing cost savings in terms of shipping and labor.

“Electrical contractors are required to take precautions when it comes to lifting heavy materials. The weight of the (aluminum) conduit saves back and arms during the installation phase of the project. What would normally take two people with rigid steel conduit takes one with aluminum conduit.”
Aaron Littlepage, Construction Services Consultant and former Journeyman Electrician
Wylie Associates Inc., Houston TX

 The results indicate a clear cost-savings in each case, with rigid aluminum conduit saving an average of $6,100 or 8.5 percent for the two mid-scale projects, and an average of $141,500 or about 13 percent for the two large-scale projects.

Better Performance and Adaptability

 Cost, however, is not the only advantage rigid aluminum conduit has over rigid steel conduit.  Rigid aluminum conduit also performs better in the field and has superior durability; it resists corrosion and will not rust or discolor, even after extended outdoor exposure, minimizing the dangerous conditions that arise when steel rusts out. This is particularly important in outdoor installations, such as bridges, tunnels, parking garages and other outdoor construction areas involving infrastructure.

 Another proof point indicating better performance is that rigid aluminum conduit is nonmagnetic and does not spark, eliminating the risk of explosion from a spark or fire, which is particularly important in refineries, waste water treatment facilities, coal mines and grain elevators.  While some of the advantages of using rigid aluminum conduit can be quantified, the health and safety of workers during the installation process is invaluable.

 Furthermore, because rigid aluminum conduit is produced as a single pipe, there is no welded seam as there is with rigid steel conduit, which can fail or snag wires during installation.  Rigid aluminum conduit can also be easily bended and threaded—equal to, or more easily than rigid steel conduit—representing an easier pull-through and faster installation.  (See Figures 3 and 4.)

Figure 3: Bent Rigid Aluminum Conduit Figure 4: Installed Rigid Aluminum Conduit
 bent conduit  installed conduit

Finally, rigid aluminum conduit is a far more sustainable material than rigid steel conduit.

On projects where there is demolition or reconstruction, any existing rigid aluminum conduit can be recycled, representing a true beginning-to-end cost savings advantage.  In fact, a 2004 study conducted by the Delft University of Technology found that 95 percent of aluminum used in building and construction is recycled at the structure’s end-of-life.  When aluminum is re-melted, it doesn’t omit toxins or poisonous gasses during the process.  Not only is aluminum a more “green” material, it can be used to earn LEED points.

 Future of Aluminum Conduit

 Because of its flexibility and sustainability, there are multiple uses for rigid aluminum conduit.  One area identified in the IBIS study that is quickly growing is the EMT market.  While EMT is used primarily in light weight commercial construction applications, it has been experiencing a similar shift in the electrical conduit market, converting more contractors, designers and engineers from rigid steel conduit.

 Despite the many advantages of rigid aluminum conduit, it is currently not the material most commonly sought after within the electrical conduit market.  The results of this study are optimistic, however, and suggest a surge toward rigid aluminum conduit as the preferred choice among contractors, designers and engineers. Conclusively, the biggest source of competition facing rigid aluminum conduit is perception, not fact.