Aluminum EMT from American Conduit is available in a wide range of sizes and provides several important advantages over steel EMT that make it a popular choice of engineers, contractors and construction managers.

About American Conduit

EMT Conduit Sizes

American Conduit is a product brand of Hydro, the world’s leading integrated aluminum company with activities in about 40 countries. We offer 35-plus years of experience in the production of rigid aluminum conduit and aluminum electrical metallic tubing, with multiple stocking warehouses throughout the nation and coast to coast distribution.

We offer more than 35 years of experience in the production of aluminum electrical metallic tubing (EMT) and rigid aluminum conduit (RMC) for a wide range of applications, from construction to food processing, textiles, refineries, waste-water treatment, coal mining, pulp and paper milling, telecommunications, and more.

American Conduit manufactures aluminum EMT in diameters from ½-inch to 4-inches and rigid aluminum conduit in diameters from ½-inch to 6-inches, both in a wide range of lengths.

For your joining needs, combine conduit, couplings, and elbows to create the perfect system for your installation. We have rigid aluminum conduit couplings and rigid aluminum conduit elbows available in a range of sizes to match your aluminum conduit order.

Why Choose Aluminum EMT?

EMT is an unthreaded, thin-walled tubing generally made of galvanized steel or aluminum. Although often called “thin-wall conduit,” it is technically considered tubing.

Aluminum EMT is connected using clamp-type fittings that slide onto the tubing and are secured with a set-screw. This is a major advantage compared to steel EMT when following irregular or curved building profiles.

Other important advantages include:

  • Thinner and one-third the weight of steel. Save by covering three times the distance with the same amount of weight;
  • Easy to bend and cut on the job site with a minimum of special tools, resulting in neater installations;
  • Superior corrosion resistance. Unlike steel, it can be used in installations wet with water or chemicals, such as food processing plants;
  • Can be installed outdoors, as long as all fittings, supports and fasteners are made of corrosion-resistant materials;
  • When installed with proper sealing fittings, provides superior protection from fire and explosions by preventing the flow of flammable gases and fumes from volatile substances;
  • Helps block electromagnetic radiation emitted by electrical circuits that causes unwanted interference and noise;
  • Can be coated to protect from incidental contact with alkalis when installed in concrete walls and slabs;
  • Can be used as an equipment grounding conductor, eliminating the need for a separate grounding conductor, and simplifies future wiring changes.

Aluminum EMT tubing and rigid aluminum conduit pipe from American Conduit are available in a variety of sizes and engineered to meet all of your application challenges. Get in touch with us at 1.800.334-6825 to learn more, or request a quotation today.